Glory to God in the highest.

Luke 2:14

Ahh, Christmas. I think I get more excited for Christmas each year. I loved it as a child but I definitely have a new appreciation for it as an adult. It makes me stop and notice the little things a bit more. It's the day in the year when I get to see all of my family instead of trying to organise a family gathering and only half of them can make it. It gives me an opportunity to say thank you to people I maybe forget to thank throughout the rest of the year. Some years though, I've celebrated Christmas without actually giving God the glory for it. Yes I've remembered the reason for Christmas, the birth of Jesus, but I've forgotten to actually say thank you to God.

The angels who appeared to the shepherds knew how to thank God. This is what they said:

The glory goes to God. He is the one who sent His only Son down to our world full of sin. Jesus came so that you can be free from sin, so that you can be free from worrying about trying to be good enough, so that you can be free from the pressure of this world. Trust in Him.

God is the reason for Christmas so thank Him. Give Him the glory. After the angels said this, the shepherds replied "Let's go to Bethlehem! Let's see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about." (Luke 2:15). I wonder if we lived out this thankfulness and gave the glory to God, would more people want to go and see what Jesus' birth is all about?

One of the ways I've tried to live this out is by creating a gift to tell people that the glory goes to God. Coasters!

The coasters come in packs of 4 and are suitable for going under any beverage - hot or cold! Maybe you could give someone a gift this Christmas that encourages them to give God the glory.

Whatever you do this Christmas take time to say thank you to God, give Him the glory and live this thankfulness out.

Happy Christmas!



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