Heavenly Lights

You shine like stars in the universe, as you hold out the Word of Life.

Philippians 2:15,16

If you've ever taken the time to just stand still and look up at the stars maybe words like magnificent, fascinating, breath-taking or inspiring come to mind. They seem so small in the vast expanse of the sky yet there is a beauty about them shining in the darkness of the night. These verses in Philippians tell us that's what people are like when they share the Bible - the Word of Life.

Some translations of the Bible put it as 'hold firmly to the word of life' or 'holding fast to the word of life' meaning stand by what God's Word says. This word gives life. This word gives life because it offers a way of salvation. In His word God tells us that He sent His son into the world to die on a cross to save you and I from the punishment of our sin. 

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

A few summers back we stayed in the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve in Ireland for our family holiday. We would often go out at the end of each day and sit, gazing in awe at the wonderful image of stars before us. That's what it looks like when we hold out this Word of Life. People gaze in awe at our Heavenly Father. The Bible speaks of who God is and what He has done for us.


Paul writes the letter of Philippians to teach and strengthen the Church in Philippi. He encourages the believers to live out their salvation (Philippians 2:12), to show the fruit of their salvation even when he is not there with them. Doing this they will shine brightly in a dark world. If you are a follower of Jesus, God is working in you to carry out His good purpose. Maybe you need to be reminded of that today and maybe someone you know needs to hear that. Be that voice of encouragement to shine like stars in the universe. 

The Bible names the moon and stars 'heavenly lights' in some places which is where the title of this collection came from. When you live out the Bible you shine as lights of Heaven in our world. If you are a follower of Christ, be encouraged that it is a beautiful sight when you hold out God's Word. 


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